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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SmarterIT - Get more from your IT Budget

About SmarterIT®

Smarter Purchasing

Gone are the days of unlimited IT budgets and almost annual equipment upgrades and migrations. In today’s business economy, buying after-market components can translate into savings of up to 80% compared with buying new. All of our products are thoroughly tested. That is why we can back them up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which, with most manufacturers, is much longer than the original new product warranty. In addition to supplying whole units, we can also provide component cards as well as memory upgrades, all at a fraction of the price of new. Some people might consider that bragging. We consider it smart purchasing. offers the SmarterIT program.

Smarter Asset Management

Obviously, more and more companies have been slashing budgets and cutting back on personnel in order to adjust to the current economy. Meanwhile, unused, older hardware assets are usually just sitting in a room or closet in IT departments gathering dust. Why not liquidate these assets and use the revenue to help with the bottom line? With our Asset Concierge ® service, we can partner with you to get the maximum value for your unused, replaced and/or obsolete hardware. We will do all the marketing, upgrading, cleaning and refurbishment to get the best resale value possible.

Smarter Maintenace & Support

We offer long and short term support & maintenance solutions including 7 X 24, 8 X 5 and Spare by Air programs. We can also customize a solution in which you only pay for the support you use.

Smarter Disaster Recovery

Unlike most Disaster and Business Continuity products, we use a totally secure and military grade encrypted wireless solution. Most back up lines are usually right next to the primary circuit which, leads to a higher probability that both are affected in an emergency. Our solution uses multiple independent sources for a more robust and secure redundancy. Also, in most traditional back up scenarios, you pay for the redundant line whether you are using it or not. With our product, you simply pay for the bandwidth you actually use. is an industry leader providing use/refurbished computer networking hardware at substantial savings to our clients around the globe. We specialize in Cisco products but also resell most major manufacturers of networking hardware such as Juniper, Foundry, Extreme, F5, Nortel, and HP to name a few. We fully refurbish out-of-service used networking hardware and resell it at a substantial savings from what new equipment costs. All of the refurbished networking hardware that we sell carries our Limited Lifetime Warranty (end users only). We are not in any way affiliated with Cisco Systems Inc., or any other manufacturer. We sell only Pre-Owned network hardware and do not sell licensed software of any kind.

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